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Portraits for Charlestown, from Afar

Charlestown Portraits from Afar by Boston Family & Newborn Photographer | Alice + Co Photo

Connecting through Portraits from Afar

As a photographer and small business owner, the time of COVID-19 is one filled with anxiety and apprehension. For the safety of my newborn clients, we've had to rethink how we move forward with photographing them. For my families, the last thing on their mind is scheduling spring family sessions. In turn, all of us have had to get creative in thinking of ways to stay connected as well as keep business moving through what is sure to be a challenging season!

As a people person, I really am missing the weekly contact with my clients. I've also come to realize how much I've taken for granted—like how easily you opened the doors to your homes, welcoming me in and trusted me to hold your littles and hug your families! Thank you for that, I always knew it was one of the favorite parts of my job but now that it's been taken away, I realize how much joy it brought to my day-to-day.

Portraits of Charlestown Couples, Families & Business Owners from 10 Feet Away

I've been mulling over ideas the past few days, while also navigating keeping a toddler entertained, and have been really inspired by some of the projects I've been seeing other photographers sharing. Two of my favorites are Joy LeDuc's #windowsoflight and Cara Soulia's #frontstepsproject. Both of them have inspired me to create something similar for our Charlestown community.

I'll come to your street, remain outdoors and keep a minimum of 10 feet from you. We'll take a few portraits, on the front steps of your home/business or in the general vicinity. Yoga pants and pajamas are highly encouraged. Let's document the true you in this bizarre time.


  • 5-10 minutes in the vicinity of your home/business
  • for couples, business owners and families
  • 1-2 complimentary digital images
  • Pay what you can, 100% of proceeds will be donated to Harvest on Vine
  • Please include address in comments section of scheduling form

Must be located in Charlestown. You will receive a text once I've arrived. There will be no touching or contact of any kind. For safety reasons, I will keep all equipment on my body and will not touch any parts of your home or business, including railings/door knobs, etc. I'll reamain outdoors, 10 feet away (at a minimum) giving you direction.

All members must be in good health to participate.

Feeling hesitant? I totally get it. Please only do what you are comfortable with. Have questions? Shoot me an email.
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