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Cozy Charlestown In-Home Newborn Session

Boston In-Home Newborn Photography

I connected with this little family almost immediately. Actually, I feel that way in most in-home newborn sessions. There is something about the shared experience of becoming a new parent that has instilled an empathy and patience towards my fellow humans that I certainly did not have before having my own little one.

As you might already know from looking at my work, I adore pockets of light and this Charlestown home was filled with the most perfect morsels of delicious light from very direction! The fall weather was ideal, cloudy but still bright (although insanely windy) which allowed me to move and promt the parents quite easily without having to worry about harsh light or bright spots.

A lot of my newborn work comes from Charlestown (a neighborhood of Boston), where I reside and work as well. I have so much pride in this little town, and love for the community, so I am always eager to get families outside for a few shots if I can so they will have documented memories of the place that they will surely be spending hours on end strolling through with their little one(s) in tow.

How could I forget to mention the golden!? Come on...is it any wonder this session was one of my favorites this fall? 

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