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Giving to Healthcare Workers Wellness During Covid-19

Photographing Boston's Essential Employees by Boston Family & Newborn Photographer | Alice + Co Photo

Fundraising through Photography

In watching the world unfold I've been really worried about my friends and family who are on the frontlines of this epidemic, working in hospitals and ER's with the potential lack of access to the safety gear they need. I'm eager to find a way to ensure that as this pandemic continues, they are kept safe by having access to the N95 masks, gloves and other equipment to keep them protected. That's why I'm donating to Direct Relief, a non-profit that focuses on delivering medical supplies to healthcare workers in need.

Photographing Healthcare Workers During a Pandemic

I went over to my beautiful friends street this morning, she's a Physician Assistant and Mom of a little one my daughters age (and another on the way). I stood from afar and photographed her on the steps of her house, in her clean and unworn scrubs (just in case anyone was worried) with her family. This time is exhausting for people like her and their families. The least we can do is find a way to cheer them up and give them something semi-positive to remember this strange time by.

In honor of her and other families like hers, I'm asking that you donate to my Direct Relief.

Are you an 'essential' employee in the Boston Area or do you want to nominate one for a #staywellportrait? Shoot an email to me at alice@alicephoto.co and we can arrange a session time for me to document from a minimum of 10 feet away.

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