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No Contact Portraits of Isolation in Boston

#frontstepsproject + #isolationportraits by Boston Family & Newborn Photographer | Alice + Co Photo

Isolation Portraits of Boston Couples, Families & Business Owners from 10 Feet Away

Front Steps portraits have become a trend across the country. Have a look by searching for #frontstepsproject on Instagram!

I'll come to your street, remain outdoors and keep a minimum of 10 feet from you. We'll take a few portraits, on the front steps of your home/business or in the general vicinity. Yoga pants and pajamas are highly encouraged OR take this as an opportunity to get dressed in your finest attire for the FIRST TIME in 2 months! I ask that you start the session with your masks on so that in case your littles get excited and run up to me, we aren't risking anything. Let's document the true you in this bizarre time and take a few shots with the masks on. I'll then step back even further, take out my long lens, and take some shots with your masks off.


  • 5-10 minutes in the vicinity of your home/business
  • for couples, business owners and families
  • 3 complimentary digital images
  • Session fee of $100
  • 10% of proceeds will be donated to the Boston Artist Relief Fund, setup to provide grants for freelance artists, designers and gig workers who have had their work put on hold due to COVID-19.

Must be located in the Greater Boston Area. You will receive a text once I've arrived. There will be no touching or contact of any kind. For safety reasons, I will keep all equipment on my body and will not touch any parts of your home or business, including railings/door knobs, etc. I'll remain outdoors, 10 feet away (at a minimum) giving you direction. I'll be wearing a mask, if you choose to leave the steps of your home, you will be asked to do the same.

All members must be in good health to participate.

No Contact

I did a day of these sessions, exclusively in Charlestown, in mid-March and received a great response. After regulations became more strict, I decided to pause on sessions out of respect for the stay at home order and social distancing. Now that we have a better idea of how long this will last—and due to a lot of demand from all of you—I've decided to start the project back up with an abundance of caution. It is crucial that your entire family understands that they cannot run up to me and give me a hug or try to interact. I can't tell you how much that statement breaks my heart BUT if you have kids that are having trouble with these boundaries, I ask that you please do not participate. It's literally heartbreaking for me to have a little one run up to my legs when I cannot interact with them AND it also puts others at risk. If multiple families children were to do this I would be risking carrying germs with me. One reason I paused these sessions was because of how difficult I found staying so far away from you all. I am so used to interacting, tickling the kiddos and highfiving the parents so, trust me, this is hard. But the only way I will continue with these sessions is if I can guaranteed that I am respecting all rules set for businesses as well as social distancing guidelines.

Email alice@alicephoto.co with any questions.

Front Steps Project Charlestown
Front Steps Project Charlestown
Front Steps Project Charlestown
Front Steps Project Charlestown
Front Steps Project Charlestown
Front Steps Project Charlestown
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