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What kind of session is right for me?

The difference between Lifestyle, Mini & Capsule Sessions

What's the difference between a Lifestyle, Mini and Capsule Session?

There are a lot of terms thrown around in the photography industry that refer to different types of sessions. I wanted to create a quick post to breakdown the types of sessions I offer, the difference between them as well as a new type of session I'm introducing this Fall.

Lifestyle Session

A Lifestyle Session is a customized experience curated for your family. We choose a location and time together and spend an hour exploring multiple areas of that location, making for a lot of variety in backgrounds, perspective and light. Since you are my only session of that part of the day, you get the best time of day for soft golden light which make for the best portraits and creative shots. We have an abundance of time to work at the Littles pace meaning that a temper tantrum is no biggie and a feeding session is a breeze. We have enough time to take posed shots that will please the grandparents AND capture the true joy and love of your family. For kids who are shy or super energetic, there is no pressure—we can let them run and be themselves without thinking (too much) about the clock. We will make a variety of photos of you and your kiddos, creating a large gallery of 50+ images which will be collected into a personal slideshow with accompanying music for your collection reveal. Another plus? I'm all yours. If your running late, I can accommodate you or if a kiddo isn't feeling well, we can reschedule. Have a last minute question an hour before your session? I'll be there to answer the call and talk you through it. Lifestyle sessions are high-end boutique experiences and are priced accordingly.

A few photos taken at Family & Newborn Lifestyle Sessions

This Stoneham family loved hiking at the Fells so we went on adventure together to document their love in one of their favorite places.

This Salem family always takes weekend walks at the Grassrides at Appleton Farm in Ipswich so we met there during golden hour and explored the beautiful grounds, chasing the golden light.

This Charlestown Family knew they might be leaving the city soon so they wanted to capture some of their favorite areas in the city. At the end of our session we ran down to Paul Revere park to grab some shots in front of the Zakim.

Mini Session

A Mini Session is a super abbreviated, 15-minute experience of 8+ back-to-back sessions which take place at a set location. You are presented with available time slots which you will register for in advance. Mini Session locations are generally in ample shade to filter bright sun during the earlier time slots, allowing for beautiful portraits but not necessarily providing opportunity for a creative use of light like you might see in many of my portfolio images. The goal of the session is to get a few great group shots, something that can be used as a gift, a framed print or a holiday card. If the energy is right and the littles are accommodating, we can sometimes capture solo shots as well as different pairings of kiddos and parents but it's not guaranteed. If you are running late, you can only shoot for the remaining time of your session slot. If there is a need for rescheduling, you loose your session fee. Mini Sessions are not recommended for families with multiple, super energetic kiddos who have trouble focusing or for those will super tiny babies who might need time for soothing. They are perfect for smaller families who are just looking to supplement their typical annual shoot with a few good photos for a holiday card or a gift for a family member. Mini Sessions are offered on a limited basis, for Mothers Day and the Holidays.

A few photos taken at recent Mini Sessions

This Boston family was happy to have their photos taken at this Charlestown Mini Session location since they have lived in the area for years.

Capsule Session

A Capsule session is a new offering for those families looking for something that is in between a Lifestyle and Mini session. Like a mini session, the location is set and you are offered a select number of time slots. Like a Lifestyle Session, we have a longer period of time together, 25 minutes (vs 15 with a mini and 1 hour with a Lifestyle) which allows us to create a larger gallery with more variety. Sessions are scheduled within the 2-hours before sunset, making for softer sun. A limited number of sessions are offered creating more availability for consultation if needed. The extra 10 minutes is also significant if you have energetic Littles, a fussy baby or are running late. You will receive a slideshow (watermarked) featuring the full collection of images from your session for sharing with family and friends. These are great for new families looking to capture milestones. A full session in the spring and a capsule in the fall (or reverse) is a wonderful way to document a littles first year or a new addition to the family.  Starting in 2021 Capsule Sessions will be offered seasonally to families booking (or that have already booked) a Lifestyle Session with Alice + Co.

Keep in mind, Capsule and Mini sessions are NOT available for one-off bookings. I do not offer abbreviated sessions in custom locations on custom dates for reduced costs. Want to make sure you are in the loop about future capsule or mini session dates? Follow me on Instagram @aliceandcophoto.

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